Welcome to the download site for Iowa's GTFS data.

What is GTFS?

GTFS is an acronym for the General Transit Feed Specification. GTFS defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic, fare, and service calendar information. Learn more by reading the documentation for GTFS.

GTFS data is used in many applications that present public transportation information. The data is also analyzed by transportation planners and researchers.

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About this site

The Iowa Department of Transportation supports the creation and maintenance of GTFS for many transit agencies in Iowa. Several other transit agencies maintain GTFS outside of this effort. This website contains download links for all services with public GTFS in Iowa.

Terms and guidelines for use of GTFS data

Depending on the agency, the data linked on this website may be available through a license agreement or without a license agreement. Check individual agency websites or the feed download site for further information. Neither the Iowa Department of Transportation, nor its contractor (Trillium Solutions, Inc.), nor any transit agencies listed here guarantee the accuracy of any data linked from this website. Any and all data is provided as-is.

Download aggregate GTFS data

Download a ZIP archive (aggregate) of all public Iowa GTFS data using Iowa's hosted GTFS Archive tool. Download the source code for gtfs-feed-archive on github.

Reporting errors and issues

If you have difficulty accessing GTFS data, have a question, or notice an error in a GTFS dataset, submit a support request (please note the location of the feed that your request concerns).

GTFS data download links

Transit service Service area Download LinkUsage restrictionsLast ModifiedValid Until
10-15 TransitOskaloosa, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/10-15transit-ia-us/10-15transit-ia-us.zip None2023-Sep-232023-Nov-01
10-15 Transit_Ottumwa, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/10-15transit-ia-us/10-15transit-ia-us.zip None2023-Sep-232023-Nov-01
Bettendorf TransitBettendorf, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/bettendorf-ia-us/bettendorf-ia-us.zip None2023-May-232024-Mar-01
Burlington Urban ServiceBurlington, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/burlington-ia-us/burlington-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-032024-Jul-01
CAMBUSIowa City, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/cambus-ia-us/cambus-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-092024-May-10
Cedar Rapids TransitCedar Rapids, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/cedarrapids-ia-us/cedarrapids-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-132024-Jul-01
Citibus_  https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/davenport-ia-us/davenport-ia-us.zip None
Clinton MTAClinton, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/clintonmta-ia-us/clintonmta-ia-us.zip None2023-Dec-042024-May-01
Coralville TransitCoralville, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/coralvilletransitsystem-ia-us/coralvilletransitsystem-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-032024-Jul-01
CorridorRidesCedar Rapids-Iowa City, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/corridorrides-ia-us/corridorrides-ia-us.zip None2023-Sep-252024-Jan-01
CyRideAmes, IA https://www.cyride.net/gtf/gtfs.zip None2023-Nov-162024-May-10
Des Moines Area Regional Transit AuthorityDes Moines, IA http://api.ridedart.com/gtfs/file/dot/gtfsdata.zip License agreement
Dodger Area Rapid TransitFort Dodge, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/dart-ia-us/dart-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-022024-Aug-01
Iowa City TransitIowa City, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/iowacitytransit-ia-us/iowacitytransit-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-032024-Jul-01
Jule TransitDubuque, IA https://www.cityofdubuque.org/gtfs.zip License agreement2023-Dec-08
Marshalltown Municipal TransitMarshalltown, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/marshalltownmunicipaltransit-ia-us/marshalltownmunicipaltransit-ia-us.zip None2023-Oct-232024-Aug-18
Mason City Public TransitMason City, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/masoncity-ia-us/masoncity-ia-us.zip None2023-Nov-022024-Jul-01
Metro Transit Omaha - Council BluffsOmaha, NE https://s3.amazonaws.com/omaha-metro/TrapezeExport/google_transit.zip None2020-Apr-09
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Black Hawk CountyCedar Falls-Waterloo, IA http://mettransit.org/sites/default/files/MET_Transit_GTFS.zip None2019-Jul-222019-Dec-31
MuscaBusMuscatine, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/muscabus-ia-us/muscabus-ia-us.zip None2023-May-262024-May-01
Sioux City Transit SystemSioux City, IA https://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/siouxcity-ia-us/siouxcity-ia-us.zip None2023-Jul-202024-Feb-01

Agencies without information in the "Last Modified" or "Valid Until" columns have not made their information available to Iowa DOT in a format usable by this website. Please download feed in order to review.

Fixed Route Services Operating in Iowa Without Public GTFS Data

Transit Agency / Region
Bettendorf Transit

Trillium hosts and maintains this website as parts of its GTFS consulting services.